Carmelo Anthony Cheated, LaLa No Longer Wearing Her Wedding Ring

It is now safe to say that this is not the year for Carmelo Anthony. The multiple All-Star and franchise player of the New York Knicks is not having any break in his career and his personal life. Various reports state that Carmelo Anthony cheated on LaLa and that is the reason why she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

Carmelo Anthony: Trouble In Paradise

This is not the first time that Carmelo Anthony made the headlines this week. Anthony already has some issues with the President of Basketball Operations for his ball club and the rumors of him being traded were justified by Phil Jackson. Apparently, there is no love lost between the two even if they are working on the same organization. Not only Phil Jackson called out Carmelo Anthony but was defiant in his statement of him being better out of New York.

Carmelo's Alleged Cheating?

A few days ago, it was rumored that Carmelo Anthony cheated on his wife LaLa. Although it was just pure speculations before, it seems that the allegations are actually true. Multiple members of the media caught LaLa not wearing her wedding ring while she was strolling downtown Los Angeles. Yesterday, LaLa was spotted with his son eating dinner without Carmelo Anthony in sight. There’s a picture surrounding the internet right now that shows how exactly LaLa caught Carmelo Anthony cheating.

Carmelo Impregnated A Stripper?

Also, it was reported hours ago that Carmelo Anthony might have impregnated a stripper. The name of the stripper wasn’t provided yet but according to some witnesses, Melo and the stripper did spend some time with each other. Amidst the turmoil that he is in right now, Carmelo Anthony hasn’t commented with such allegations. The last time that Melo commented on anything is when he was called out by Phil Jackson. Hopefully, Melo and LaLa will fix their relationship as this is not a good image for both of them.

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