Here's The List Of Special GTA 5 Vehicles Made Available For All Players

There are plenty of things to like and love about Rockstar Game's GTA 5. From the intense criminal-themed activities it offers, all the way to the exciting vehicles it introduced, these are things that have kept the game afloat. Now, the studio has made a way to have all exclusive cars available for everybody. Which ones are they? They're detailed below.

As reported, the studio has opted to reward the fans of GTA 5 with exclusive vehicles. And take note: these are all accessible by anyone who's playing the game. All of these cars are said to have existed in both GTA 5 and GTA Online. For players who have paid to acquire these vehicles, they are in for an exciting bonus.

The list of exclusive GTA 5 vehicles includes the Marshall Monster truck, the Imponte Dukes car and the Declasse Stallion car. Other vehicles that can be used underwater or up in the sky are also part of it. These are namely, the Dodo seaplane and the Kraken submarine. Other cars also included are the Blista Compatc car and the Hatchet.

All of the aforementioned can be acquired by GTA 5 players on the game's PC version. How? Well, they simply have to use the command line cheats codes specifically made for the title. For the online version, however, players will have to make some purchases in order to obtain these cars. Of course, there are those who already purchased them a few weeks or months ago; so what's their exception?

Players who paid for the aforesaid GTA 5 vehicles are subjected to refund. Yes, that's right -- Rockstar Games will be returning the money spent for the DLC purchases players made. It is worth noting that these cars can be bought from the online storefront of the game. Other than this, the studio is also giving away discounts, all of which will only exist from April 18 to May 1.

In related GTA 5 news, reports claim that an upcoming update is coming to the online version of the game. Although the video game company has been successful in keeping it secret, many have been able to acquire information through leaks and whatnots. The update is believed to introduce the so-called Duke O'Death, which will be made available to all players.

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