Look What Rockstar Brought Back To Life In GTA 5!

This has been said a couple of times already -- GTA 5 is one of the best titles out there. And until now, Rockstar Games is making it more interesting for players with each update. In fact, the studio just introduced an old classic stuff. It's no other than the top-down camera, which is meant for the game's newest mode.

According to GameSpot, GTA 5 is getting a class revive along with a new mode on its online version. It is worth noting that the franchise is known for having a top-down camera perspective. It's a complete opposite of what it has now, which is the traditional third-person view. Apparently, the studio is set to bring back the classic gig with Tiny Racers. The latter is basically the video game company's new take on stunt races in which an overhead perspective is used.

As of this writing, the details about it in GTA 5 remains a mystery. It holds true, though, that it's arriving to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC come April 25. However, Rockstar did not give out any specifics except for the trailer (embedded below) that was just released. Judging by its looks, it's definitely a great addition for fans to experience.

GameZone, on the other hand, reports that the aforementioned mode in GTA 5 is packed with lots of power-ups and explosions. Apart from this, the studio is also bringing all of the exclusive contents for all players to enjoy. Just a few days ago, the video game company made all exclusive vehicles accessible. For players who have purchased them through DLCs, they are entitled for refunds.

Moreover, Rockstar just offered one-day bonuses in the online iteration of GTA 5. This is basically in celebration of the 4/20 event. With this, all weed farm businesses as well as upgrades on business will be given 50 percent off. The profits from these weed sales will likely net at least 50 percent more money. The studio sure knows how to take care of its community.

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