The Switch Mini To Get Rid Of The JoyCons; How Is It Different From A PSP?

According to some analysts, Nintendo will release a Mini version of the Nintendo Switch coming year 2019. I was noted that if Nintendo really wants to appeal to every gamer, it will have to make a smaller version of the console. Well recently, fans have created several designs for the Nintendo Switch Mini to give everyone a glimpse of what the Switch Mini Console would look like.

Nintendo Switch Mini Wouldn't Have JoyCons

Fans took into account the core elements of the Nintendo Switch Mini when making the design. Firstly the Switch Mini wouldn't come with a dock and will be smaller for a more portable use than the original Switch. The Switch Mini would also have a 5" display compared to the original's 6"2.

The Switch Mini would ditch the dock and the JoyCons and would opt for a rounder design. However, the Nintendo Switch Mini would also have to be compatible with the dock and the JoyCons so players would still be able to experience the Nintendo Switch albeit through a tinier version of it. The Switch Mini would also have to be affordable to appeal to younger players priced at somewhere less than $200. Not to mention, the Switch Mini would also have to come with a wide array of colors.

Fans are also hoping that the new Nintendo Switch Mini would be made from a different material than the original Switch. A type of plastic that will not easily be damaged by vinyl skins for gamers who like to personalize their console. The Nintendo Switch can be damaged by vinyl skins, wraps, and stickers according to a post by skin manufacturer brand last month.

Nintendo Switch Mini Looks A Lot Like A PSP

The fans' design of the console looks more PSP-inspired than the original Nintendo Switch. It's basically a PSP, but hopefully, all games available to the original Switch is playable on the Nintendo Switch Mini - as well as all accessories that come with the console or bought separately. This is a logical move so as not to split the accessory market and face the wrath of angry Switch owners.

As for how likely Nintendo will release a Mini Switch? Following the evolution of Nintendo handheld consoles, Nintendo released the Nintendo 2DS right after the Nintendo 3DS and the DS were followed by several cheaper machines including the XL. So Nintendo releasing a Switch Mini in 2019 is highly plausible. It would be like a PSP but better in everything, the display, the power and most importantly, the games.

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