Here's How Much Players Will Spend To Get All Items In Overwatch

It is important for every player to acquire loot in any video game especially when the items are needed. In Overwatch, obtaining loots will be a big help for the players since they need them for defeating their enemies. However, if they will base the boxes in real life, they might be shock on the total money they are spending just for the special items.

Overall, the loot boxes in Overwatch might be 1,465. These boxes give players new cosmetics for their character. However, if one player is thinking of acquiring them all, they must be willing to spend a large amount of money, estimatedly $1,172, according to Game Reactor.

All in all, the players can get 50 loot boxes in the game. Since the total of all the items are 1,465, players should divide the total number of items to the boxes and they will get 29.3 bundles. Each bundle costs $39.99 as explained here.

The estimated price of all the loot boxes contain the items from the Uprising event in Overwatch. However, even if the players manage to get all the boxes, there is still a possibility that the items they will get are the same because Blizzard uses an algorithm for drop rates.

The pity timer that Blizzard uses in Overwatch is for providing a certain loot for a player who wants to acquire the same item he does not have for quite some time. As per Segment Next, the timer is not the basis of the price of all the items in the RPG. However, player icons will not also be part of the loot boxes in Overwatch, as Blizzard does not players to buy the said icons.

Dedicated players may choose to spend that kind of amount if they want to have all the items in Overwatch. However, the computation and price are based on the game and not in real life. Although, they can always collect the loot boxes they want because the items will be helpful as they progress in Blizzard's RPG.

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