Do Legendary Birds Exist In No Man's Sky? Players Think So

It holds true that No Man's Sky did not start the way developer Hello Games wanted it to be. It was plagued with controversies. Nonetheless, as each day goes by, the title is gradually making sense in the industry it's in. More and more players are loving the new updates and stuff the developers are introducing.

As mentioned above, the No Man's Sky developers have been introducing new things to the game. True enough, the Legendary Birds, in particular, are among these. These are said to be located in the very heart of the Amino hub region, though it first started as a myth.

In a post from Reddit user BoidGaming, the Legendary Birds in No Man's Sky was first discovered by a traveler (player in a sense) named SpaceArtGek. He was simply sorting through a couple of old photos until he chanced upon these winged creature in shadows. Of course, while this could a proof that these birds do exist, it is still a matter of debate before the studio itself confirms everything.

The aforementioned Reddit user shared an image of the No Man's Sky Legendary Birds, though seen in their shadows. The picture is believed to have been taken from the discovered system of the Amino Hub Region, a place that contains the so-called pilgrim star. SpaceArtGek, however, can't remember as to when exactly the image was captured.

Also based on the picture, it appears that the No Man's Sky Legendary Birds are situated on a certain moon of a certain planet packed with bodies of water. While the existence of these creatures remain a mystery, many players state that it is among the very reasons why they continue to play and love the game. Another interesting thought is if these Legendary Birds are indeed real, then it is possible that there are other Legendary creatures out there.

Meanwhile, the official Facebook page of Hello Games has shared an album featuring all the photos taken by the players from the latest No Man's Sky update. It's basically the Path Finder update, which brings the planetary vehicles and visual improvements, among others. Players can simply use the photo mode feature in-game to document their journey.

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