This Is Probably The Saddest Day For All GTA 5 Fans

A couple of weeks ago, a group of GTA 5 players revealed their plans to deliver a mod that will completely change the way things work in-game. Basically, they plan to integrate the map of Red Dead Redemption in the aforesaid game via a mod. Judging by its looks, it is really a promising project to begin with. Unfortunately for the modders, and the expecting fans, this isn't happening at all.

According to GTA 5 Cheats, the aforementioned mod has been cancelled by the very people behind GTA 5. It is worth noting that the modding team revealed this last month, with a trailer released as well. However, shortly after the video was made available, it was taken down. Though no specifics who exactly requested, many believe it's the parent company of Rockstar Games Take-Two Interactive.

Indeed, it was the said company that did it. Mr. Leisurewear informed all GTA 5 fans that they have been "contacted" and that they will have to resort into cancelling the Red Dead Redemption mod project. "I know this is a hard pill to swallow," he said. Although at first many thought it was a joke or something, he wrote on and stated that "it isn't going to happen."

For the sake of knowledge, he clarified what the GTA 5 mod was supposed to be about. That, contrary to popular belief, it is simply a map for players to experience Red Dead Redemption in the game. Take-Two Interactive as well as some players thought that the mod is a PC port of sort. Mr. Leisurewear iterated that, since day one, it was never their intention to port the very story mode of RDR to GTA 5.

As for the .White toolkit that almost all GTA 5 fans are interested about, the modder explained that releasing it is also impossible, as reported by PC Gamer. That's because doing it will result to him receiving a lawsuit. He also mentioned about the fact that he actually does not have it. Interestingly, this isn't the first time that modders of the various games were shutdown. This clearly shows that even in modding, there is no total freedom as what others expect in the first place.

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