Maddie Ziegler Becomes A Reflection Of Abby Lee Miller; 'Dance Moms' Alum Branded Bossy By Insider

"Dance Moms" alum Maddie Ziegler has gone solo long ago and has been successful at making her own name. However, a somewhat disappointing rumor has recently surfaced as an insider exposed the young dancer's supposed true colors. While she previously slammed Abby Lee Miller for bossing her and her former teammates around, the source reportedly claims how Maddie can be equally pushy.

An alleged insider who was learned to be around Maddie Ziegler in most of her shows reportedly stepped forward to reveal the attitude that she has on and off set. According to the source, a lot of dancers cannot stand working with Maddie because of her "incredibly bossy" persona. It was also revealed that the 14-year-old dance star practices a superiority complex as she allegedly knows how she is good at dancing and uses her achievements to step over other people.

The rumor has attracted a lot of Abby Lee Miller fans to give out their comments as it was not long ago when the teen star has bashed the former "Dance Moms" host during her past interviews and in her memoir. Maddie Ziegler then revealed how she has avoided watching the episodes of the Lifetime show and how Abby Lee Miller has been tough to her. Although Maddie has always been labeled as Miller's favorite, the launching of her tell-all book uncovered her hidden grudges against the coach.

There were other rumors where Maddie Ziegler was imaged as a not-so-sweet lady. Multiple reports went out talking about her alleged feud with her former co-star Chloe Lukasiak. The two were said to have ended their friendship as Chloe reportedly sensed the unfairness as Abby has always favored Maddie when they were still both in the Junior Elites. With the two dishing "Dance Moms" to start their own solo career, people cannot help but compare the two dancers' achievements.

Furthermore, Chloe Lukasiak's return on "Dance Moms" had a lot of viewers wondering if Maddie will also come back. Apparently, the Ziegler dancer does not plan on seeing her career making a U-turn as she previously said in an interview that she is glad to have already moved on from "Dance Moms."

Maddie Ziegler had her biggest break when she starred in Sia's music video. She is currently busy with her different projects including T.V. show guesting, hosting, judging, and her Youtube Channel. Also, Maddie and her sister Mackenzie launched their own fashion line which they reportedly plan to expand this year.

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