Clash Royale: Best Heal Spell Combination

Since Supercell plans to release four new cards in Clash Royale almost every two weeks, players have to try and test their combos using the old and new cards. However, when Heal Spell arrives, everything will change, as there will now be a lot of combinations players can create with it.

As reported earlier, Heal Spell might be released on May 1 but there are still doubts whether it will be available right away. Nevertheless, it is always good to know on what possible combinations players can form with its arrival.

First, players should focus on the Barbarians in Clash Royale. Heal Spell is for reviving or giving extra boost to health of any card, thus, it can help the Barbarians to attack the opponent while the spell is in use. In addition, the card can increase the health of Elite Barbarians by 50 percent when attacking towards the tower, according to Clash Royale Arena.

The Heal Spell can also give a lot to support troops in Clash Royale. It can restore the Musketeers, Mega Minion and Electro Wizard's health to push through to the opponent's tower making it easier for the other cards to attack.

Heal Spell may also work well with Lava Hound and Balloon. The two latter cards are used as a combination but with the addition of the spell card, the massive damage they can leave will be doubled. The Zap card can no longer stop the two cards.

Lastly, there is a possibility that Heal Spell can boost Hog Rider when charging towards the opponent's tower in Clash Royale. In instances that the rider might not reach the enemy's side because of other defenders, the spell card can increase its chances in surviving to achieve that goal.

There are also two new cards arriving together with Heal Spell and they are Bats and Night Witch. Players can experiment with the other two and see if the spell card can boost their hitpoints and make them unstoppable in Clash Royale.

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