DICE Reveals New Features Included In Battlefield 1 Spring Update

DICE is determined to make things better in Battlefield 1, as it is not only aiming for monthly updates but also plans to release a spring update soon. In addition, the developer shared what players can expect in the soon-to-be available content.

Platoon Feature Will Be Returning In Battlefield 1

The spring update in Battlefield 1 will contain the Platoon feature first tested in CTE. The feature will allow the players to build their clan containing a general, colonel, lieutenant and private, according to VG247. A certain platoon can have up to 100 players.

In addition, DICE will introduce passwords for its servers. The passwords will now prohibit the non-team players in joining any clans they want, especially as the developer does not want mixing things in different platoons. The rental servers will also require password.

The only difference in the servers is that the rental will now have limited access for six players only, which allowed 20 players previously. Players are encouraged to find a permanent team in joining server available in Battlefield 1.

Though the platoon feature is for unranked matches, DICE will allow the players to participate in special tournaments using the servers dedicated for the clans' battle. Hopefully, there will be exciting rewards if that happen.

More Items And Features To Be Available

The spring update will add new level-10 weapons in Battlefield 1. Not only that, players can gain new ribbons and dogtags when they play the game, as per Mic. Also, planes are now balanced to allow the players in the ground to push through their attack.

Also included in the CTE, and will probably arrive in the live version, was the update for Medics. The dead players can now easily be spotted by them because there will be an icon showing who needs to be revived. In addition, they will be able to see if a Medic is already coming to bring them back to life.

DICE has not yet announced as to when the spring update will be available in Battlefield 1. Some are guessing it will be released before the month ends. Nevertheless, for now, they should maximize the platoon feature in CTE because it will change once the update is live in the main game.

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