Abby Lee Miller Shares Plans After Surgery And Impending Imprisonment; 'Dance Moms' Producers Kept Her Overweight?

Abby Lee Miller feels freed from the things that have been holding her back. The 50-year-old dance coach has recently undergone an operation to help her in her weight loss. This comes after her flee from "Dance Moms" which, according to her, has been an obstacle to her healthier life. Now, that she will be pounds away from being overweight, Abby Lee Miller has to face yet another problem which might lead her behind the bars.

There is no denying that Abby Lee Miller has grown bigger over time with "Dance Moms." Following her weight loss problems, she has then taken the initiative to go under a gastric sleeve surgery which removed 80 percent of her stomach. Prior the operation, she already said that she feels nervous but she thinks this is the right time to have the big leap as she is about to go to her sentencing next month. After a successful procedure, a grateful Miller shared a few details of her recovery and future plans, now that she can go back to mentoring dance pro aspirants.

The reality star said that she sees the operation as an opportunity for her to have a fresh start. While she is still in pain from her surgical wound, she told in an interview that she is excited to go back to teaching now that she is in her best form and she can once again teach tumbling herself. She also seemed to call out on producers who wants to take her in for a new show as she said that she is now open to accepting new projects on television.

Furthermore, Abby Lee Miller told in her post-surgery interview how she feels happy that she is now in control of her own life. Miller, who served as the main host of "Dance Moms" for almost six years, revealed how the Lifetime series has been a catalyst for change in her life. It was more of a negative change though as she puts some blame of her being overweight to the reality show.

"I felt for seven seasons that someone else was in control of my life -- telling me when I could eat and what I could eat and when I could use the ladies' room," Abby Lee Miller confessed in an interview with ET Online earlier this week. "When you're so busy shooting 12 hours a day, you just eat what someone sticks in front of you. Now I feel a lot freer and more confident in my everyday activities." Miller is now planning on doing a documentary of the procedure and encourages to see it on her Youtube channel.

However, it might not be long before Abby Lee Miller faces another life battle as the mentor is set to hear her final sentencing in May. Miller has been charged with fraud last year and it is expected that she will face probable jail time of at least 30 months. She might also have to pay a fortune for the penalties. However, her lawyers are planning on appealing for probation so Miller can continue with teaching on ALDC while serving her punishment.

With the month of May just around the corner, Miller expresses her fear of going to jail. She previously admitted that she is not yet ready to see her life go down behind the bars. Furthermore, Abby Lee Miller said she is afraid of sexual abuses which normally happens inside the prison.

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