Legendary Pokemon Will Be Limited In Pokemon GO Gyms

Since time immemorial, Pokémon GO players have been anticipating every possibility concerning the Legendary Pokémon. Although Niantic has continued to wrap things in mystery, it has somehow managed to release a couple of interesting details about these creatures -- one being their impact in gym battle. Contrary to what most fans are expecting, these beasts will be limited.

According to Express, the studio has just released more information about the upcoming Legendary Pokémon GO creatures courtesy of Niantic's CEO, John Hanke. First off, he mentioned about how special these species are to them. Hence, they try their best to not rush things and keep details intact until everything's straighten out. He also pointed out the impact these Pokémon will have in gym battles.

Hanke explained that due to the Legendary Pokémon being a special of their kind, their existence in gym battles will have to be limited in one way or another. He didn't specifically reveal what these limitations would be, though. Apart from this, he also went to discuss about the missing Gen 2 creatures -- namely, Smeargle and Delibird. The studio's executive explained that due to these creatures being difficult to code, they have to hold everything relating to them.

The Legendary beasts have yet to receive an official release date from Niantic, though they are expected to arrive this year. WWG notes that limitations are only justifiable given the higher stats that these pocket monsters will have. With such, there are two possible ways the studio will do these: first is by enabling only one Legendary Pokémon as a gym defender; and second, gyms are entitled to only one Legendary Pokémon of each specie.

Moreover, Hanke teased the upcoming 1v1 battles in Pokémon GO. It's worth noting that so far, this feature has been the most requested of all; and yes, Niantic is already working on developing it. However, the only thing that Hanke can say regarding its release is it's coming "pretty soon."

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