Latest Global Mission Arrives To Pokemon Sun And Moon

It is safe to say that Pokémon Sun and Moon are among the best Pokémon games of recent memory. These just have a way of keeping things interesting for the players. Now, the developers of are set to give fans another thrilling experiencing with the arrival of the next Global Mission.

According to WWG, this month's Global Mission will task Pokémon Sun and Moon players to collect Poke Beans from a certain location called Poke Pelago. The latter is basically a set of islands where fans can have their Pokémon passively trained. These creatures are basically those of who aren't that active in their respective teams.

The latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission will require players to collect at least 3,000,000 Poke Beans. Apparently, for this mission to be deemed complete, the aforesaid figure should be accumulated before May 8 hits. It is worth noting that Poke Beans can be utilized to build affection with any Pokémon. It is also meant to hasten certain activities at the Poke Pelago.

Interestingly, Pokémon Sun and Moon players will be able to obtain a total of 2,000 festival coins, if, and only if, the mission proves successful. However, if it's the other way around, they will only be getting 200 coins, as reported by VG247. Not bad still. For players who have either of the games tied to a Pokémon Global Link, they are in a much better situation, that's because the base rewards they'll be getting will be doubled.

Moreover, players are subject to Pokémon Sun and Moon Rare Candy if they are able to collect more than 30 Poke Beans. Going back to players with Pokémon Global Link account, reaching 6,000,000 Poke Beans is synonymous to acquiring a Level Ball.

The latest Global Mission in Pokémon Sun and Moon is considered the sixth, with the first one being released last November of last year. Unfortunately, for the first ones though, they proved to be unsuccessful. However, Nintendo gradually learned from them and was able to make the recent missions a fun experience to play.

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