Netflix Plans On Renewing '13 Reasons Why' Amid Critical Controversies; Actor Dylan Minette Sees Himself Through His Character

Rumors are rife that the controversial "13 Reasons Why" is nearly renewed by Netflix. Clues are reportedly sprinkled that a sophomore installment will soon go down and that the team of the show is already working on it. Stars of "13 Reasons Why" might have also teased another season coming to the streaming service and theories are out that it will be darker than Hannah's suicide story.

Season 2 rumors about "13 Reasons Why" have been around the internet as soon as the freshman installment finished airing episodes. There were previous statements from the stars, writers, and creators of the show who were defending the dark mystery drama from the controversies it is facing which according to fans also seemed to be hints that another run is already on the way.

It was previously reported that a fan theory surfaced suggesting a good plot that the yet theoretical season 2 could follow. It is said that a big school shooting might go down as Tyler was seen from season 2's finale hiding a couple of guns and ammunitions. The fan also pointed out how this can be a way for the production to redeem the show as it could give an opportunity for the characters to realize how suicide should not be Hannah's solution to her problems.

After such plot entertained the viewers, new rumors are out claiming Ross Butler, who played the character of Zach, has reportedly left "Riverdale" to focus on doing another project. Although it was not actually specified that the actor is doing "13 Reasons Why" season 2 instead of continuing with "Riverdale," fans are quick to conclude that it is the dark teen drama that Butler is working on. Furthermore, Ross Butler reportedly said that he is hoping to explore his character as well as the others in another season of "13 Reasons Why."

Apart from Butler, fan favorite Dylan Minnette who plays Clay Jensen previously said that there is a lot more to unfold in "13 Reasons Why." "I think that there's potential to know more about these characters and I think that there are good stories to be told. I also feel like if that was the ending, it's also a beautiful way to end it" Minnette said in an interview.

Dylan Minnette along with his co-stars reportedly got therapy dogs to help them cope with the roles they played on the dark show. The young actor previously admitted that he sees himself through Clay Jensen which he found a "true connection" with since he stepped on the role. He even confessed that he also sees a lot of Clay in himself that when he goes home he still feels affected by the character.

Apart from all these clues, there is a rumor that the "13 Reasons Why" team has been busy in the studio just recently. Netflix has not yet commented on the rumors but fans are eagerly waiting for a positive announcement to go down soon.

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