DICE Plans To Change Core Gameplay In Battlefield 1, Details Here

While Battlefield 1's release is still pretty recent, DICE is already planning to change its core gameplay as reported. It is quite surprising especially knowing that the gameplay works perfectly for everyone. The developer is calling the said revamp Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative.

The developer wants to upgrade the mechanics and several features in the game, according to Segment Next. With the help of the players, DICE will be sourcing out what they think need to be improved in Battlefield 1. Their comments will be a big help for the developer to start with the Roots Initiative.

DICE wants to upgrade soldier movements since Battlefield 1 is about World War 1. Players have been commenting that they encounter problems with side-step behind cover when attacking the enemies and want the accuracy of shots when being attacked, or vice versa, be adjusted. There is also a possibility of changes in the "ADAD" spam that the developer is very well aware of.

In addition, the developer is looking for ways in order to improve vehicles such as tanks and planes in the game. DICE also plans to adjust the melee attacks. Not only does DICE want to upgrade or balance the melee weapons, but it also wants to focus on other weapons in Battlefield 1, as per PVP Live.

Guns in the game seem to work well but some gamers have been commenting that the guns are better in Battlefield 4. With the said update, players might see changes with flow, rulesets and scoring in Battlefield 1. Even though there is nothing wrong with how scoring works, DICE wants to check if there are other areas on it that need improvement.

The last update in the Frontlines mode is for increasing ticket count and the single match to last up to one hour. Still, DICE is not happy with the game flow even if players appear to be contented on the recent patch it released for Battlefield 1.

DICE wants to give the gamers the best of Battlefield 1 and it is the reason why sudden thoughts for Roots Initiative became an option. Hopefully, the revamping of the game will result to a better one rather than being horrible, as even small adjustments can cause big effects.

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