Duggar Family ‘Counting On’ Season 3 In The Works? For Release in Summer 2017?

Fans will be happy to know that the Duggar Family "Counting On" Season 3 is in the works. The showrunners at TLC are promising that its first episode will be released come summer 2017. If this is true, avid fans of the show will again have the opportunity to be updated on the lives of several of the Duggar kids as well as their own children.

The Show Will Provide Updates On The Duggar Family Children

It appears that the already big Duggar Family is still expanding. This is just the perfect topic for "Counting On" Season 3. The reality TV show will probably feature updates on the wedding plans of Joy-Anna with Austin Forsyth. Ben Duggar and Jessa Seewald may also be featured in the show together with their new baby, Derrick. Other members of the clan will surely have their chance to re-acquaint themselves with their fans.

Duggar Family "Counting On" Season 3 will continue to be a reality TV series that will follow the lives of the elder children of the clan. It will feature events where they will be shown adjusting to their surroundings, getting married, or experiencing the joys and exigencies of parenthood. By the title of the show, fans can expect to continue counting on the number of kids that will be added to this family.

Will The Show Include Josh?

However, it is still uncertain if the eldest of the Duggar children, Josh and his wife Anna, will be included in "Counting On" Season 3. Perhaps the recent controversies that he was involved in must have led to this uncertainty. It would be disappointing to have the younger Duggar Family siblings in the show and the eldest not around.

Will Jana Feel The Pressure?

Courtship, marriage, raising a family will be one of the main themes of Duggar Family "Counting On" Season 3. But all the wedding bells and all babies being born in the family will likely put some pressure on the still unwed Jana Duggar. Will this season see her finally getting married and rearing her own children?

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