Final Fantasy XV Aims To Bring Players Back With Its Latest Update

Final Fantasy XV receives another patch that aims to inspire players to play the game again. The latest patch not only brings back Timed Quests but also a new weapon and other things.

PlayStation LifeStyle has shared the features included in the major Final Fantasy XV patch. The whopping 4.65 GB download size includes features for the PS4 Pro among other things included in the game. To begin with, there is the new "Steady Mode," which enables players to enjoy a "smooth gameplay experience with stable frame-rate" on the Pro system.

Similarly, there are additional display options now available for the said unit. Fans can also expect new content in collaboration with Terra Battle and the introduction of a ranking system in Timed Quests. Those who participate can earn the Afrosword - a Greatsword weapon inspired by DJ and Producer Afrojack.

On the other hand, fans can now customize the Regalia with new decals and three additional songs have been added to the Music Player. Square Enix has also enlarged the subtitles and various text in the menu screens. Finally, the update also fixes some various bugs.

One main feature Square Enix has been focusing on is its collaboration with Afrojack who helped provide some of the game's music. The DJ explained that the weapon ca deal extra damage and even has its own soundtrack when equipped, as per GameSpot. This small feature would be a welcome addition to those who are tired of hearing the same battle tune during every skirmish.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One with even more content arriving in the near future. Square Enix has also been working on various DLCs like the upcoming Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis later. The developers have also been hinting at a potential PC release in the future with the possibility of things like mods.

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