This Pokemon GO Fan Isn't Going To Be The Very Best

Almost everyone knows that in Pokémon GO, the main goal is to be the very best. Hence, players try to keep things going by looking for the rarest of all creatures. Heck, some even opt to find workarounds -- legit workarounds, that is -- in order to cheese their way to the game. Unfortunately for a certain fan, his dream of becoming the best is over.

As reported, a Pokémon GO blogger is on the verge of getting a 3-year sentence from Russian prosecutors. The latter basically charged the fan for inciting religious hatred due to playing the game in a certain church. The name of the person is Ruslan Sokolovsky, who is only 22 years of age.

The trial for the aforementioned Pokémon GO player took place in the city of Yekaterinburg. The judge announced May 11 as the day the verdict for the case will be revealed. Basically, Sokolovsky posted a video in which he can be seen playing Niantic's titular mobile game app in a church. Apparently, the church is where the last Russian tsar and his family were, sadly, killed. In fact, the player has been in the confines of a detention place since October.

It is worth noting that the charge he got is quite similar to the one acquired by two women from the Pussy Riot punk collective. The ladies experienced the taste of being in a prison for two years sometime in 2012. Unfortunately for Sokolovsky, he's likely to face three.

The Pokémon GO player Sokolovsky said that he is in "shock" after hearing the prosecutors' decision of giving him a total of three years. He believes that, in one way or another, it wasn't "a violent offense." He even mentioned about being a student and a worker. That if this case pursues, he's really going to lose everything. He is looking to make an appeal for either acquittal or suspended sentence.

In related Pokémon GO news, Express reports that Niantic has just revealed a new set of things for recent Easter event. First off, players were able to hatch creatures that are barely obtainable from 2 KM eggs. Second, and most importantly, Lucky Eggs were sold at 50 percent off. Surprisingly, the aforesaid event was among the most successful ones as revealed by the studio.

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