'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Updates: Showrunner Promises A Breakneck Season; Rick Or Negan Could Die

"The Walking Dead" is currently under the threat of writers strike but it does not stop the show from planning on a more exhilarating season 8. "TWD's" showrunner promised to deliver a breakneck season, leaving behind its per character focus. New characters are set to come to the show and it might be dangerous for both Rick and Negan who could not make it through the installment.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 has suffered from a continuous drop of ratings. The showrunner has then come up with a new strategy to regain the viewers' interest and he recently announced the change that is coming to the zombie apocalypse show.

Scott Gimple has mentioned earlier that he plans on making a breakneck season 8. The show is reportedly heading straight to the big battle and will not put the focus on each characters' story arc which went down for the previous seasons.

The more tensed new episodes of The Walking Dead" season 8 will reportedly see the main characters dying, and Rick and Negan are no exemptions. Rick will find two new allies, Dillion and Muslim. These characters are reportedly going to be a threat to Negan so fans were fast to speculate which of Rick and Negan will have to go next.

The source material of "The Walking Dead" has it that Rick will survive the All Out War and will rule over the Alexandria Safe-Zone. However, the AMC show might not follow the comic as creator Robert Kirkman has promised before that he will kill off Rick eventually.

As or Negan, he has also survived the battle but is locked for years in the Alexandria prison. The AMC show though might not be as good as Kirkman as many are requesting for the head of the brutal villain.

Fans cannot be sure yet about the future of Rick and Negan but one of them is expected to say goodbye to the new season. "The Walking Dead" season 8 might premiere in October should the writer strike does not push through.

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