Huge GTA 5 Bonus Arrives, New Update Follows

Developer Rockstar Games continues to keep the momentum afloat by releasing a series of bonus on GTA 5. Not just that -- the studio is poised to unleash yet another update with a lot of interesting stuff to look forward to. Here's everything about these exciting things in a nutshell.

According to Express, the studio has recently introduced an update -- on all platforms -- that gave players a chance to fatten their in-game bank accounts. Players simply have to log and play the game, and by doing so, they are entitled to some GTA$ and a 425k tax refund. The latter will be given to them by no other than the San Andreas State Treasury Department.

The aforementioned bonus from Rockstar will be deposited to the players' bank account in GTA 5 all throughout May. However, this is only applicable to those who were able to log into the official timeline. The latter basically ended last Sunday, April 30. Nevertheless, the video game company is still up for something special this summer.

There are rumors about the studio releasing a huge summer update for GTA 5, though this remains vague and unofficial. There are those who believe that this is the Gun Runner launch. In fact, this could arrive in the game prior to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. With the clock ticking, there's no wonder if Rockstar will soon unveil everything about it.

In related GTA 5 news, the developers of the game are looking to jump onto a new direction. GTA 5 Cheats reports that this is only plausible given the fact that the game has everything it needs to become a multimedia sensation. If this happens, players might finally see some merch designed specifically for the game; or perhaps, there will be stuff heavily inspired by the game. There is every reason for the people behind the game to pursue such, and one is the fact that it has a huge following.

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