Latest Pokemon GO Update Brings Surprising Upgrade

Pokémon GO has slowly redeemed itself, thanks to Niantic's passion in releasing significant updates. It is no secret that the mobile game has managed to stir the interest of many fans once again. Now, the studio has just introduced an upgrade, and as expected, it looks beautiful.

According to BGR, the studio is making things a little bit easier for Pokémon GO players who live in rural and/or suburban areas, that's because the developers want to increase the spawn rates of creatures in these locations. In fact, the company is looking to have it bumped between 10 percent and 15 percent.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned changes will not affect the regular locations. This boost only applies to those who live in remote places where capturing Pokémon is almost impossible. As of this writing, the upgrade is said to have been applied already in some areas in the U.S. It remains a mystery as to when Niantic plans to make it global.

Among noticeable changes is a sudden spike in spawn rates in Pokémon GO. It is now sitting at least a 30-minute scale, something that can be considered as a huge bump. It should be noted, too, that unlike before, once a Pokémon appears, it won't necessarily run away right away. Players will be given a chance to capture it, as Niantic plans to give the spawn rate in these areas a boost.

In related Pokémon GO news, Forbes suggests that when it comes to monetizing, the game doesn't have the means similar to other well-known mobile titles. Nevertheless, it doesn't really mean that the game is way beyond the competition. It just so happens that a game this big will not earn a figure synonymous to its size.

While the said statement may be true, there is no doubt that Pokémon GO still has a bright future ahead. It would not be surprising also if Niantic comes up with a way to boost not only the sales side of things but also the technical part of the game. Perhaps, it could start with the release of the Legendary creatures.

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