Rockstar Announces New GTA 5 Weekly Discounts, Bonuses

Rockstar is doing it once again -- introducing a new set of weekly bonuses and discounts in GTA 5. This is among the main reasons why, despite the game being here for quite some time already, the title has a huge following. Obviously, players can't get enough of these freebies.

According to GameSpot, the studio has just announced the latest wave of bonuses and discounts in GTA 5. It even includes an extension of the titular Tiny Racers bonus event. This is definitely a huge treat for all the fans of the game.

Most of the offers from Rockstar revolve around the in-game motorcycles. First on the list is the double GTA$ and RP in the Biker Contact Missions, let alone the 25 percent off on all bike-centered purchases. It should be noted that this gig will last until May 15. The discount spree includes clubhouses and their respective customization options, select vehicles, and biker business properties.

Moreover, the developers of the game are giving discounts on various weapons and vehicles in GTA 5. Among these, include Progen T20, Nagasaki Shotaro, Western Company Annihilator and Nagasaki Buzzard. Also part of the discounted list of vehicles and weapons are the Vapid Desert Raid and the Vapid Trophy Truck.

Special Cargo Delivers in GTA 5 will also give out extra 25 percent rewards. As for the recently added mode Tiny Racers, double rewards will also be given to the players. Rockstar is indeed making things a bit more interesting each day.

In related GTA 5 news, the sequel to the game is believed to be in development for PS5. The latter is basically the rumored up-and-coming console from Sony. ValueWalk, on the other hand, reports that Rockstar's move to keep things under wrap is actually understandable if there is any truth to this. It is safe to say that the studio wants to keep the momentum and anticipation at a controllable level.

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