'One Piece' Chapter 864 Leaked With The Vinsmokes Almost Assassinated; Chapter 865 Sees Big Mom Defeated

Although it was informed that Weekly Shonen Jump will not make any releases of its popular manga, "One Piece" chapter 864 was still apparently posted online. The story resumed with the Big Mom Assassination plot by the Straw Hat Pirates and the Vinsmokes were left seated at gunpoint by the Charlotte's henchmen. The upcoming chapter 865 is expected to see the Yonko losing to Luffy and Bege as the new installment's title suggests.

"One Piece" chapter 864 has been an action-packed story which saw the start of the war between the Luffy the Monkey's grand crew and the Charlottes. Big Mom was in a shock and was left confused on which of the unfortunate events that hit her she should be really angry about. The Straw Hat Pirates turned the event into a big mess, which had the Yonko very furious.

As soon as Brook revealed himself as the true wrecker of the Mother Caramel portrait, Big Mom came to realize that the madness was set up by Luffy to stop Sanji from marrying Pudding. She then ordered for a backlash, which had the Vinsmokes seated at gunpoint by the henchmen. Pudding also tried to deal with Sanji before her brother Daifuku takes over the fight.

In another ploy, Bege pretended to capture Luffy. Big Mom has however been in a confused state for a while which gave Luffy the opportunity to fulfill their plans. He resorted to reminding Big Mom about the broken portrait and hopes for her to scream.

The Straw Hat Pirates were actually after the Yonko ending up screaming. It was revealed that her scream can kill the people surrounding her but at the same time it makes her vulnerable. Her powerful scream was known to cause her to bleed and her hard skin turning weak. Her down time will give the Straw Hat Pirates the opportunity to finish her off easily.

Spoilers for "One Piece" chapter 865 have it that Luffy can provoke Big Mom into a deeper anger which will make her scream. The Yonko will fall down and the Straw Hats will succeed with their plans. Her whole island might also crash when the president of the World Economic Journal, "Big News" Morgans, will spread the news about her failure. Luffy and his crew will then take the recognition making him more popular.

Sanji has been the center of the manga with his wedding being the main arc. Author Eiichiro Oda also said in the past that 2017 will be a year of Sanji. More of his family might be seen in the coming chapters of the webcomic. "One Piece" chapter 865 is supposed to be released on May 14 but might be posted on the Internet earlier like the previous story.

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