Joy-Anna Duggar Turns Anorexic Before Wedding To Austin Forsyth; Josh Duggar Faces Another Issue About Stolen Car And Gun Trade?

Different kinds or rumors are currently putting the Duggar siblings on the headlines. Joy-Anna Duggar's recent photo sparked talks that she has become anorexic out of her parents' advice to get thin before her wedding. Josh Duggar, on the other hand, is on another hot water as a suspected thief drove off a car from his shop and leaves behind a gun.

A new photo posted on the official social media account of the Duggars showed Josie and Joy-Anna Duggar getting ready for the Pre-Embassy in a Bible camp. Fans pinned their eyes on the transformation of Joy-Anna who is said to sport a much thinner face than she used to have. This had some people thinking that she is turning anorexic to look good on her upcoming wedding with Austin Forsyth.

The Duggar parents' advice on weight-loss before marriage was then questioned by some "Counting On" followers. The pressure that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are reportedly putting on Joy-Anna is causing her to develop the eating disorder. The 19-year-old lady is set to be united with Austin Forsyth on Oct. 28 this year and it is said that Michelle has asked her to cut some weight to please her husband-to-be.

Meanwhile, a more serious rumor is putting Josh Duggar on another hot water. The disgraced son of Jim Bob and Michelle was reportedly tricked by a customer by driving off a Toyota MR2 that was asked for a test drive. Josh reportedly forgot to get the customer's license; hence, making it easy for the culprit to run away.

One of the salesmen of Josh Duggar revealed that he noticed a gun with the offender but did not make a fuss and bought it off instead for several dollars. However, through police assistance, they found out that the gun was used in a gun assault earlier that day. Furthermore, the Dodge Ram used by the thief, which was left off in his shop, was discovered to be another stolen unit from Oklahoma.

Josh Duggar has been working as a used car dealer since "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled by TLC because of his vile scandals. He is to appear in court on May 15 to face charges for using another man's identity on his cheating website accounts.

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