Heroes Of The Storm Will Be Getting An Update That Fixes Certain Issues

Heroes of the Storm has a few major bugs following the latest 2.0 update but Blizzard plans to fix those with a new update. Meanwhile, those who want to partake in the next Nexus challenge can do it now.

Upcoming Heroes Of The Storm Patch To Fix These Issues

According to PVPLive, Heroes lost many of its initial voice-overs and banters after the major patch a few weeks ago. Moreover, even a good number of the new player AI quests became broken. Blizzard has already responded to the issue and plans to fix this in the next patch but the quest tracking is still under investigation.

For those unaware, Heroes characters also share their own pre-game banter similar to the characters in Overwatch. The loss was not a game breaking issue but these voice lines helped carve each character's respective personality, especially for players who are not familiar with Blizzard's large cast of heroes.

The quest issue, on the other hand, acts as a major problem for new players as they will not be rewarded as much for their time in-game. Since quest tracking is broken, many players will leave them unfinished and unrewarded. The developers claimed that they are already working on a fix that will hit live servers soon but they are still looking into why the quests fail the track.

Next Nexus Challenge Now Live

That aside, Overwatch players can now participate in the second Nexus challenge, as per Express. Fans who manage to complete five games, regardless of win or loss, can earn a new Police D.Va skin and a Busan Police Hovercycle Mount. Keep in mind that the challenge will only register the following games: Quick Match, Unranked and Ranked.

The Nexus challenge will still continue for two more weeks following this event. Players will earn other goodies like lootboxes or special icons if they continue the challenge. Fans can play Heroes of the Storm on the PC for free.

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