Fall In Love With Driving As Mercedes Rocks Its AMG GLA45 To The Road

Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed its latest GLA-class model and it is impressing people. The new 2018 Mercedes AMG GLA-45 concept reportedly takes comfort driving to the next level.

Mercedes-AMG GLA45 Shows New Features

Mercedes-Benz introduced its first GLA-Class in 2013 and it has presented various models already. The luxury compact car either comes in a front-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive 4Matic. It is also powered by an assortment of petrol and diesel four-cylinder engines.

The new 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 is practically a whole new type of model because of the added and refined features. It has a redesigned front bumper, new headlights, and a standardized LED lighting. Aside from that, the spoiler has been made better and the air diffuser incorporated into the bumper has bulked up.

In addition to the upgraded exterior design, the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 now has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder engine. It boasts of 375 horsepower that pumps up to 6,000 rpm and a 350 pound-feet of torque. The new turbo still works on all four wheels with the new dual-clutch automatic transmission but to improve acceleration, the gear ratios have been reduced.

A Preview Of Mercedes-AMG GLA45

The new and enhanced features of the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 had people falling in love with driving again. The upgraded engine and handling reportedly improved the driving experience. Those who had the chance to drive the new GLA-Class has stated that it lived up to the high standards Mercedes-Benz, which they have continuously delivered for several years.

It has been revealed that even with the impressive attributes it packs, customers can opt for the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package that stretches the electronic charge limited top speed of 155 mph to 167 mph. Other optional packages include a sport suspension, Android Auto compatibility, and even a sunroof but take note that the price of the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 goes up with every additional feature installed.

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