‘Outlander' Season 4 Release Date, Storyline And New Cast Leaked

“Outlander” Season 3 is not yet released but its Season 4 is already leaked. According to a trusted magazine, the plot, release date, and new cast were already provided by the producers and this is not by accident.

STARZ Network is hitting all the right cylinder as it is making a statement that “Outlander” isn’t a one hit wonder. ”Outlander” fans might be confused but they are reading this correctly, Season 4 already has updates and the new cast might steal the spotlight from the main cast. Based on the recent statement that was provided by the network, the reason behind the early release of these pieces of information is to inform the fans that “Outlander” is not going anywhere.

Season 4 will be again based on Diana Gabaldon’s fourth novel titled “Drums Of Autumn”. For those who were able to read the book, they now have an idea of the new character that the network is pertaining to. Rollo the Dog will play a vital role in Season 4. The very first picture of Rollo was already shared by the Network and fans can’t wait to see more of their pictures. When Ian Murray was young, he adopted Rollo and became best friends ever since.

Rollo was also welcomed in the Fraser clan and the hybrid wolf looks to be at home with his new family. A quick trivia was provided by STARZ when they mentioned that Rollo was the price in a card game in which young Ian Murray won. As stated, Rollo will also be the main catalyst for Season 4 and he will act like a henchman for young Ian Murray. However, their partnership will encounter some issues which will make their bond stronger. Lastly, there are no exact release date yet but if their timeline is correct, Season 4 will be out in September 2018.

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