'One Piece' Chapter 865 Spoilers: Yonko War Expected To Go Down After Big Mom's Defeat; Mother Caramel's Portrait Explained

"One Piece" Chapter 865 is undeniably one of the most anticipated stories of the famous creation of Eiichiro Oda as Luffy and Bege's fate will finally be decided. A lot of predictions claim that Big Mom will lose it when she sees the broken Mother Caramel portrait, making the Straw Hat grand fleet win in the bout. Also, the story behind the Yonko's connection with Mother caramel is expected to be revealed.

Luffy and Bege's plan to assassinate Big Mom is going smooth although the Vinsmokes were held at gunpoint as seen on "One Piece" Chapter 864. The edition that will be released on May 15 is expected to see Luffy succeeding at saving Sanji and his family as they achieve their ultimate goal to make Big Mom vulnerable to attacks when she breaks down.

Bege previously revealed that the Mother Caramel portrait is Big Mom's only weakness. She is expected to scream that will, in turn, make her hard skin bleeding and breaking. The Yonko is however not expected to die as fans claim that Big Mom is adamant to die immediately. However, the assassination plan cooked by Bege and Luffy is predicted to spark a bigger war with all the Yonkos getting involved.

A fan has also revealed in a discussion that Mother Caramel is actually the adoptive parent of the Charlotte matriarch. It has been revealed that Caramel was the one who saved Big Mom from giants torturing her soul and that the portrait is her only memory of her mother. This history is expected by some to be touched in the upcoming "One Piece" Chapter 865.

After the said chapter, "One Piece" is reportedly going on another break and will release the 866th story of the manga on May 29. It is said that the frequent breaks coming to the comic are giving its creator Eiichiro Oda enough time to recuperate.

It was previously reported that Oda's dedication to finishing the manga had taken a toll on his health. It has been revealed that he goes on sleepless nights to create every chapter and will need some time to rest to work on more arcs.

Eiichiro Oda previously announced that he is almost done with the Whole Cake Island arc which serves as the current volume of the manga. Although the said volume was rumored to wrap up "One Piece," the announcement made at Jump Festa 2017 confirmed that more plots are yet to come this year including Reverie and Wano arcs.

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