‘Forza Horizon 3’ News, Update: Latest Hot Wheels Expansion Features Ten New Vehicles, Plus New Races And Events

Microsoft has just released the latest Hot Wheels Expansion of Forza Horizon 3. Gamers who were able to try it first were impressed by its miles and miles of bright orange tracks. The game world is set off the coast of Australia with race tracks connecting a series of islands making it more death-defying for game car racers.

This Is A Death-Defying Car Race

Having the race tracks above the blue sea makes the latest Hot Wheels Expansion of Forza Horizon 3 more of a death-race than just a simple car race. That makes this most recent update truly mind-bending for the players behind the wheel. Drivers have to be truly precise in all their movements, or the car will surely fall, and anyone onboard will be "killed" by the rough blue seas.

The latest Hot Wheels Expansion of Forza Horizon 3 comes with ten new cars including a 2011 Bone Shaker and a 2012 Rip Rod. There are new courses to race -- complete with loops and corkscrews. This DLC update also offers new races and events. It is now available for PC and Xbox One users.

Microsoft Says It's The Ultimate In Car Racing

If the promo of the game developer is to be believed, this game will really be a blast. Microsoft claims that the latest Hot Wheels Expansion will make Forza Horizon 3 the ultimate in car racing. The developer also contends that negotiating the orange race tracks connecting the Australian Islands at neck-breaking speeds will fulfill the fantasies of video game car racers.

Gamers can also create custom events and races if they swap their stunt track sections with their friends. The latest Hot Wheels Expansion of the Forza Horizon 3 comes with the video game's $35 Expansion Pass. Gamers can also buy it as a separate pack for $20.

Here Are The Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements for the latest Hot Wheels Expansion of the Forza Horizon 3 include a CPU at 3.7 Ghz, Nvidia GT 740 or AMG R7 250x video card, VRAM of 2GB GDDR5, RAM of 8GB, an HDD hard drive and a screen resolution of 1280 x 720.

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