'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Goku Still Strongest Of All Saiyans; Gohan Reveals New Broly-Like Technique?

By Shor M. Rae , May 15, 2017 07:48 AM EDT

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has just aired and it featured another round of heart-racing action scenes starring everyone’s favorite Saiyans. The new episode showcased an incredible fight between four fighters that will represent Team Universe 7 at the upcoming Tournament of Power.

Goku In Super Saiyan Blue Is Still Stronger Than Gohan

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 90 kicked off with Gohan putting his training with Piccolo to a test. In order for Gohan to gauge his ultimate power, he has no choice but to train and go against Goku. The impressive fight started with a team battle that had Goku teamed up Tien Shinhan and Gohan with Piccolo. The two teams have given fans a glimpse of some combination of moves that prove to be something they can use at the Tournament of Power.

Unsatisfied with the training, Gohan challenges Goku to a one-on-one fight and demands the latter to unleash his true and complete strength. Gohan reveals his ultimate mystic form, which is his most powerful state in his base form, and was able to fight Goku even in his Super Saiyan form at similar levels of strength. However, the fight ends when Goku unleashed Super Saiyan Blue and Gohan fails to withstand its power. Gohan may have lost the fight but he lost with satisfaction and even became Team Universe 7's leader.

Gohan Strives To Be The Strongest Martial Artist

Aside from being the strongest Saiyan so far, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 90 reminded fans that Goku is also known as the strongest martial artist in the world. Gohan, who has shown great potential in his recent fight with Goku, proved that he had what it takes to nab that title from Goku. Gohan has displayed his ultimate mystic form and even unveiled new techniques that look similar to Broly’s techniques.

During the team battle, Gohan deflected Tien’s attack with a laser-looking condensed energy that came out after flicking his finger. Fans have pointed out that this move looks like one of Broly’s techniques, even emphasizing that the atmosphere changed just like how it was with Broly. Fans have also voiced out their contentment in seeing Gohan reviving his warrior sense making his base form to be a wild force to reckon with.

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