'Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Fly Like Goku In The Game’s Open World Using This Glitch

Wouldn't it be nice if a player can keep the flight power of Noctis which he can only acquire during the final boss fight? That would be great because the player will be able to fly over and around many places in the open world of Final Fantasy XV. This guide will provide players the steps on how to use a glitch in the game that will enable them to fly like Goku at will.

Noctis Can Fly Anytime Just Like Goku

Lucky gamers of Final Fantasy XV have discovered this glitch and have been using this flight power every time they want to. With this glitch, they've been flying from Lucis to Altissia and back. They are just like the flying Goku, the Super Saiyan! It can be done if gamers will just follow these simple steps. But there's a caveat: some gamers advise players not to save too much of their previous saves as it is uncertain if it is reversible.

Here Are The Steps

The first step is to load Chapter 15 of Final Fantasy XV. Beat the game and have a save file before the players go into the final fight with Ardyn. They will need to stumble-glitch their ways to win their fight against Ardyn. Then, they need to reach the lodge room which is the last room that will allow them to save and teleport.

The next step is to do the best they can to defeat Ardyn in this small lodge room. This action will require them to use all the tricks and techniques they've learned in previous confrontations with other enemies in Final Fantasy XV. They also need to prevent the save and teleport prompt from going into that room while they're fighting Ardyn until they see that Noctis is beginning to fly like Goku.

The video below contains all the nitty-gritty details of how gamers can retain this flying power in Final Fantasy XV and fly like Goku anytime they want. This glitch will give them the ability to travel through the sky and visit places in the game's open world that are inaccessible before.

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