'One Piece' Chapter 866 Spoilers: Straw Hat Grand Fleet Escapes From Big Mom; New Chapter Comes After Two Weeks With Revelation Of The Yonko's Past

Luffy and Bege finally succeeded in making Big Mom vulnerable to attacks in the recently released chapter of "One Piece." With the Yonko falling down on her knees upon seeing the broken Caramel portrait, fans are now waiting to see whether Bege could actually kill Charlotte Linlin. The upcoming Chapter 866 of "One Piece" is then predicted to take a glance at Big Mom's history with Mother Caramel and is expected to see the Yonko meeting her demise.

Luffy and Bege's Big Mom assassination plot is running smoothly as "One Piece" Chapter 865 saw the Yonko finally releasing her mighty roar. The scream was just in time to save everyone most especially the Vinsmokes who were about to be massacred. As soon as Big Mom's cry knock off most of her underlings, Sanji started to move to save his whole family from execution.

Although the chapter has given fans a wild treat to the imminent end of the Totland leader, the ending of the story has dropped a more exciting revelation that mostly teases Big Mom's past and Caramel's identity.

A previous report has already revealed that Caramel is the adoptive mother of Big Mom. A fan shared that the Yonko was saved by Caramel from the giants when she was still a child. The last page of the previous chapter has indeed confirmed the prediction as the land of the giants Elbaf was mentioned as Big Mom continued to sob.

The upcoming "One Piece" Chapter 866 is then expected to elaborate the kind of relationship that Big Mom and Caramel share. As for Luffy and Bege's plan to kill the Charlotte matriarch, it is predicted that the assassination will not be completed as Big Mom is expected to suggest a truce. Also, fans are not convinced that creator Eiichiro Oda will kill the character off as a big Yonko War is predicted to happen where Big Mom will still be a part of.

Meanwhile, Sanji's bravery to spare the lives of his family might pay off when the next chapter of "One Piece" goes down. Judge was emotional at seeing his prodigal son mustering his courage to save them. Spoilers claim that Sanji will not return to the Straw Hat fleet as he will set sail with the Vinsmokes.

Several more things will be concluded in the new chapter as the Straw Hat and Fire Tank pirates are supposed to escape through Caesar Clown's mirror. Will the crew finish Big Mom or will the alliance of Luffy and Bege spin in total disarray? Fans will have to see and wait for two more weeks to know the answer as "One Piece" is scheduled to take a break next week and will release Chapter 866 on May 29.

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