Niantic Brings New 'Pokemon GO' Event, Details Here

Since Pokemon GO was launched, the augmented reality game quickly gained a huge following. Many saw the potential it has, especially with every event that Niantic introduces. Now, the studio is looking to add another one, and here it is in a nutshell.

According to Polygon, a new special event has dawned in Pokemon GO this week, and it is unlike any other events that the studio brought in the past. This one here is all about the rock-type pocket monsters. It is called Adventure Week, which encourages all players to go outside and start looking for fossil-based creatures.

These types of Pokemon GO monsters include the like of Omanyte, Aerodactyl, and Kabuto, among others. These beasts are expected to have an increase in spawn rates within the week. The entire event is scheduled to run from May 18 at 1 PM PT to May 25 at 1 PM PT. Players will have at least seven days to obtain their favorite rock-type Pokemon.

The Adventure Week event will also be bringing more items from PokeStops to help players with their journey. Add to this the fact that Niantic has given buddy Pokemon shorter distance when it comes to collecting candies. Above all of this, all players who will be able to log during the event will be able to obtain a unique kind of clothing item, which is made specifically for the event.

Forbes, on the other hand, notes that all items in PokeStops are being sold with 50 percent discount. The publication also clarified that this new Pokemon GO event is not a micro-event, something that most fans have been thinking about. Hence, Niantic has brought tons of exciting stuff for players to acquire and enjoy.

With summer getting near, it is expected from the company to support the hit mobile game with events further. In fact, if rumors are right, the highly anticipated Legendary creatures might arrive via an event.

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