Square Enix Director Says 'Final Fantasy VIII' Remake Is Possible

Gamers have noticed that Square Enix has been slowly giving in to fan feedback over the years. Suggestions and demands on several message boards have probably reached the right people working for the developer. The RPG-centric company has managed to please veteran fans and even capture new audiences with its recent remasters of popular "Final Fantasy" titles. Recently, Square Enix game director Takashi Katano has hinted that a "Final Fantasy VIII" remake is very much possible.

Square Enix is scheduled to release "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age," which is rumored to be its last remastered "Final Fantasy" game. The RPG is considered to be the only RPG left from its PS2 library that reportedly deserves a remaster treatment. Game Rant reports that Takashi Katano is convinced that a remaster of other older titles won't pass the company's standard for quality. "You look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before the PS2-era is going to be difficult to do a remaster of to a suitable level of quality," said Katano. Therefore, it seems like fan favorites like "Final Fantasy VIII" will most likely get a remake instead.

According to other sources, Takashi Katano's statement appears to hint that Square Enix might have plans to remake other "Final Fantasy" games other than "Final Fantasy VII." The company is celebrating the franchise's 30th anniversary this year, and it would be a great idea to explore the possibility of more remakes. Games like "Final Fantasy VI," "Final Fantasy VIII," and "Final Fantasy IX" are known to have a strong fan base that would give anything to see a remake of their favorite RPG.

Others have noted that Square Enix might have already considered having remakes of its PS1 RPGs, which seems to have already started with "Final Fantasy VII Remake." The remaining titles from that era are "Final Fantasy VIII" and "Final Fantasy IX." If the company is handling the task chronologically, then fans might see Squall and the rest of the gang soon.

While the idea of hearing Square Enix announce a remake of "Final Fantasy VIII" next seems possible, the company currently has a lot on its plate. The development of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is already underway together with the work on several upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" DLC expansions. The company has already confirmed that "Kingdom Hearts III" won't launch this year, so an announcement of another remake might not be in the cards just yet for the developer.

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