Here's 'Pokemon GO' Adventure Week Event In A Nutshell

Niantic is once again giving fans a whole new reason to enjoy Pokemon GO. How exactly? Well, this is by way of introducing a brand new event called Adventure Week. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to AJC, the studio has just kicked off a new Pokemon GO event for players to take part and enjoy. The company reportedly did it so as "to honor the memories created so far, while anticipating the "collective journey" that has yet to come. In this event, rock-type pocket monsters will take the spotlight.

The aforementioned even started in May 18 at 1 PM PDT and is expected to last until May 25 at 1 PM PDT. It is a week-long celebration for players to capture their favorite rock-type creatures. These includes the likes of Geodude, along with rare species such as Omanyte and Kabuto.

The above-mentioned Pokemon GO monsters and other fossil-based creatures are having an increase in spawn rates, as reported by GSMArena. Add to this is the change Niantic did to the Pokemon Buddy system. Basically, players will not be burdened with long distance walking just to acquire a good amount of candies.

The Adventure Week event in Pokemon GO also introduces a brand new wardrobe item called the Adventurer's Hat. Fortunately, this is free for everyone to acquire. But of course, it is only expected to last within the span of the event (unless Niantic says otherwise).

The event comes with a whopping 50% discounts on all Pokeballs, giving players a boost in their journeys. In addition, more items from the PokeStops are acquirable unlike before. It is worth noting that this event is not deemed as a micro-event, one that is similar to the Worldwide Bloom event. The latter had no bonuses, though there were an increase in the spawn rates of grass-type creatures.

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