'Dance Moms' Season 8 To Lose Another Junior Elite Member; Abby Lee Miller Tells Cheryl Burke To 'Watch Her Mouth'

"Dance Moms" season 7B is yet to kick off this summer but the production for the eighth installment is already starting a hype. Many followers of the Lifetime show had been wondering how the new season will go down without Abby Lee Miller, Gianna Mortello and the Minis as well as some members of the Junior Elites. Apparently, Cheryl Burke will take over the hosting of the show with new faces replacing the original dancers.

Reports from last week confirmed Cheryl Burke becoming a series regular in "Dance Moms" season 8. While this has become a good news to fans as another installment is about to go down despite the absence of Abby Lee Miller, the impending flee of all the Junior Elites is starting to put a question mark on the reality show's future.

Following the turnover of "Dance Moms" coach position, Cheryl Burke previously shared in an interview how she is going to put some changes in the relationship between the stars and coach. She said that she felt how the dancers were "traumatized" by what happened to Abby Lee Miller but is not going to be lenient. She promised to be strict but to treat the dancers in a different way. Furthermore, she talked about how the dance moms were not sad about Abby Lee Miller's imprisonment and went on to comment on the 51-year-old guru's past comments about how Lifetime will treat her better.

With Burke's statements, Abby Lee Miller was quick to answer saying the new mentor should "watch her mouth." Miller also compared her seven years of experience in handling the dancers with Cheryl Burkes' few weeks of coaching them. Miller also said that Burkes' statements were a bit rough and that she would never tell such things against her.

Meanwhile, the full cast of "Dance Moms" season 8 has not yet been revealed but there were already several talks regarding the impending flee of the Junior Elites. Kendall Vertes was rumored last month to leave the Lifetime show while it was filming its season 7B. The 14-year-old dancer never confirmed the news but numerous spoiler groups revealed that she was already home and will not be seen in the final episodes of the upcoming season of "Dance Moms."

Apart from Kendall, Nia Sioux is now making headlines as she is also reportedly leaving "Dance Moms." The fan favorite has previously confirmed her summer tour for a new single she is about to release and reports also revealed that she will be starring a film called "Dancer." These commitments are believed to keep Nia pre-occupied and might have to skip "Dance Moms" season 8 filming for these new projects.

The star has not exactly confirmed the rumors but reassured fans that the new installment will be different from the previous seasons. Nia Sioux also said that she is not sure about the future of "Dance Moms" but says she will be fine if it will stop airing on Lifetime since she believes that it has already been a show.

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