Microsoft Research Reveals Prototype AR Glasses And It Looks Like This

Today, details of the new wearable device have been shared. Microsoft Research is currently developing an augmented reality (AR) glasses that will offer not just entertainment, but vision correction too. The Redmond-based company started making AR as the mainstream back in 2015 when they announced the HoloLens.

Microsoft has shared details regarding the AR glasses they are testing. According to Trusted Reviews, the AR Glasses are designed to offer high-quality holograms that can erase some of the negative implications currently associated with the technology of augmented reality. However, "there's still a lot of work to be done," said Microsoft researchers' team describing the prototype of the AR glasses containing a holographic display.

The Microsoft wearable device in development provides a horizontal 80-degree field of view. Aside from that, user's near-eye displays can also overlay reality with high contrast, high resolution, as well as full-color digital holograms. The most significant and interesting information about this research project is the fact that the device can also provide vision correction for people who are long and short sighted, as well as correcting conditions like astigmatism.

The only problem with the new AR Glasses project is the fact that the devices are currently powered by an external processor. However, it seems that Microsoft is focused on developing and building the AR technologies involved with it and not building an actual product. According to UploadVR, the glasses are capable of flat, monoscopic images plus needs to be connected via a tether to a powerful external processor in order to run.

The new AR Glasses model looks much more the same to a pair of standard glasses that a normal person could conveniently wear on a daily basis. However, this is not yet final since according to the paper released by the company, "we have not yet achieved all capabilities in a single device.” In August, the Microsoft Research team will be discussing their project in full detail during a panel at this year’s SIGGRAPH convention in Los Angeles.


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