‘Final Fantasy VII’ Latest Update: Square Enix’s Top Honchos Urgently Recruiting More Staff For Remake

Recent statements from the top honchos of Square Enix seem to indicate they are feeling the pressure from the work of remaking Final Fantasy VII. The company's Business Division 1 has posted recruitment messages on the company's official website. Apparently, the development of the game's remake is taking a longer time than they had expected.

Producing Final Fantasy VII Remake Needs More Help

Business Division 1 of Square Enix is the one responsible for the development of Final Fantasy VII remake. Based on the contents of the post, the recruitment messages came from the bigwigs of the company. They were Tetsuya Nomura, the director, Yoshinori Kitase, the producer and Naoki Hamaguchi, the development leader.

In the post, Nomura admitted that producing Final Fantasy VII remake will require a tremendous amount of time and resources since they want it to be in high definition. Therefore, they need all the help they can to cut the time in doing it. He added that they want to utilize today's systems and technology to make a video game that will be able to last several decades.

Remake To Be More Impressive Than The Original

Producer Yoshinori Kitase added that they want to surpass the quality of the original video game. He admitted that they thought of adding the number of their staff in order to do that. With additional people working on the project, they hope to strengthen their core company development. Apparently, Final Fantasy VII remake is already entering its development progress phase.

Nomura admitted that Square Enix's current domestic staff is significantly lower compared to other foreign high-def game developers. This is the reason, according to the director, why they are urgently recruiting as many qualified people as they need now for Final Fantasy VII remake. For his part, Naoki Hamaguchi revealed that the company decided that it is best for Final Fantasy VII remake that he would take the role of Development Leader. His task is to strengthen the project's staff structure.

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