'Pokemon GO' Adventure Week Ends, Fans Speculate Next Event

Recently, Niantic introduced a week-long Pokemon GO event. It is called Adventure Week, and it brought an increase in the spawn rates of rock-type pocket monsters. Apparently, though, it has finally ended.

According to Express, the aforementioned Pokemon GO event ended on May 25. Hours before its conclusion, Niantic via Twitter encouraged fans to go out and capture more rock-type creatures. So far, the event brought a tremendous success to the hit mobile game.

It is worth noting that Pokemon GO Adventure Week event not only increased the spawn rates of said beasts, it also gave fans a chance to acquire more candies. Basically, the walking distance required in the Buddy System has been reduced, giving players a higher chance of getting candies.

Apart from the aforementioned, Niantic also allowed fans to get more items from PokeStops. These include the likes of PokeBalls, Lures, and others. There is no doubt that this is among the best events throughout the history of the game, as noted by Daily Star.

With the above-mentioned event's end, many fans are wondering what the next Pokemon GO event could be. And with summer only a few days away, there are talks about the Legendary Pokemon finally making their way to the game. It should be noted that in the past, the studio did hint at releasing these highly anticipated species come summer.

Apparently, the company did not give out any specific details except for the one above. Nevertheless, the studio also hinted at new features. Again, the company did not specify, but some believe these could either be the PvP system or the Trading system.

In related Pokemon GO news, The Verge reports that Niantic has released a new anti-cheat system. The latter targets players who utilize third-party software, the ones that are against the Terms of Service agreement. Flagged players are now having a hard time capturing rare Pokemon, as punishment for cheating.

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