'Pokemon GO' News, Update: Niantic Adds New Changes and Exciting Features

Pokemon GO will receive new and exciting changes very soon. This news was announced by Niantic recently. While gamers want to have new and upgraded battle system, the game developer seems to be opting for easier ways that players can explore gyms through new significant features. According to Niantic, these changes will significantly improve gaming experience as players hunt for the best Pokemon out there.

Niantic Has Just Released A Security Feature

This update about changes and improved features comes on the heels of an anti-hack feature that Niantic had just released last week. It seems the game developer issued this security measure, so those game cheaters will not be able to enjoy these new additions to Pokemon GO. This security measure penalizes game cheaters by preventing them from seeing and catching rare Pokemon.

Is This In Preparation For The Big Event This Summer?

According to Niantic, it is committed to provide new options and to continue working on new exciting changes for Pokemon GO. Apparently, this is in preparation for a huge event hinted recently by a Niantic exec when he said a legendary is coming this summer. But as the infomercial ad says, "wait, there's more."

A New System For Pokestops Is Being Developed

In a recent Twitter post, the game publisher confirmed that a new option that enables submission of new Pokestops is being developed. Naturally, Pokemon GO players were excited as to what this option is. Niantic calls this new option Operation Portal Recon on OPR. It is a form of ingress that will start to discard certain requests for Pokestops.

But the game developer has not elaborated on how this new system will work. It only assured the fans that the company is working hard to improve and add new changes to the Pokemon GO app. However, some loyal fans believe that these additions and modifications will offer gamers the chance of shaping the future of the video game.

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