'Destiny 2' Devs Share New Feature To Make Raid More Accessible

Among the new features detailed by the Destiny 2 gameplay live stream was Guided Games. Bungie intends to use the new feature to help players enjoy the endgame of the sci-fi shooter. Gamers can look for a fire-team to accompany them for Nightfall Strikes and Raids. When Guided Games was first announced, it seems like it was intended to help solo players only. It was supposed to ideally find and match a team of five people for Raids.

Gamers noted that Bungie specified that Guided Games was intended for solo Destiny 2 players only. However, Mark Noseworthy, Project Lead, indicates that they are planning to update the feature to allow at least a team of two players to use the matchmaking feature. He posted their planned changes for Guided Games on social media to inform fans that it is now work in progress for the development team.

Bungie claims that the traditional random matchmaking is considered "incompatible" for high-level activities like Nightfall Strikes. The developer shares its findings that only half of the total players in the first Destiny game were able to do a Raid. Guided Games can also help endgame players look for other members to do Trials of Osiris and Nightfall Strikes as well. Forbes also mentions that Destiny 2 players on PC will have an advantage during Raids due to the more precise controls on a keyboard and mouse.

Meanwhile, Guided Games is supposedly programmed to work by taking a clan or group of players that plan to do a Raid and matches them with a smaller group. It will attempt to complete a party of six Destiny 2 players to take on the challenges. With the new update, a team of two players can easily find a group of four to complete the Raid team. Unlike a random matchmaking system wherein all six strangers play together and end up with a mess, the Guided Games also encourages players to make new friends and possibly even join a new clan,

Guided Games is just one of the new changes coming to Destiny 2. Bungie was able to share more of the significant updates it has in store via a developer diary video clip. The team-based FPS sequel is scheduled to launch for the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 8, 2017, while the PC version is arriving a little bit later.

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