New Features Highlighted By 'Destiny 2' Developer Diary

Most fans were able to enjoy the live stream of Destiny 2 and its official gameplay. Others might have missed out due to other reasons, but Bungie has made a developer diary video for gamers to enjoy. Several members of the development team summarized some of the most important changes in the sequel. It also showcases some great snippets of gameplay to get fans excited about the sci-fi shooter's next installment.

New Subclasses And New Abilities

It has long been speculated and rumored that Destiny 2 is set to feature new abilities and new subclasses. The developer diary showcases each of these new elements that have replaced the original ones from the first game, according to Game Rant. The Titan class of Guardians will have the void subclass changed into the Sentinel. This allows players to summon a void shield that can defend or attack enemies. The Hunters drop the Bladedancer Arc subclass for the new Arcstrider, which has them attack foes with an electrified staff. Lastly, the Warlock class features the Dawnblade Solar subclass that replaces the Sunsinger.

New Weapon System

The developer diary also details the new weapon slots in Destiny 2. The original game featured a Primary, Secondary, and Heavy weapon slots, while the new game switches it up with Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy. It seems that the developer wants to encourage players to use their primary weapons for PVP matches. It allows players to easily switch from one Kinetic primary and another Energy Primary, as reported by The Guardian. New weapon types were also added to the Primary slot and these are the sidearms and SMGs.

New Story Campaign

Fans have previously criticized the first Destiny due to its confusing story. It was rumored that the developers decided to switch up the story elements close to its launch. The game's lore was also told through Grimoire Cards, which players could earn by completing certain missions and requirements. The developer diary also reveals that Destiny 2 promises a more story-driven cinematic campaign, unlike its predecessor. Bungie has also confirmed that everything story-related will now be featured within the game and the Grimoire Card system will no longer be available.

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