'Pokemon Go' Bug-Type Event Only Happening In Japan

Recently, Pokemon GO players were led to believe that another event is coming to the hit mobile game. This event is basically where all Bug-type pocket monsters will take the spotlight. Unfortunately, this is not really true.

According to ComicBook, the aforementioned Pokemon GO event is not really an official event from Niantic. Rather, it will exist solely in the lands of Japan. This update came to existence soon after an image, with Japanese texts, surfaced online.

Apparently, the said image features some of the bug-type creatures in Pokemon GO. Basically, players from this country will be organizing it and will be called Bug Day. It is slated to be launched come June 4, with plans to fill all of the local gyms with the said creatures.

Again, this Pokemon GO event will happen but only in Japan. But why June 4? It is a smart move in terms of playing around words. The Japanese term for insect is pronounced as "mushi," while the numbers six and four are read, respectively, as "mu" and shi." This is primarily the reason why these organizers chose to launch the event on the said date.

It is worth noting that Pokemon GO players have since planned this event in April. They even went to promote it online as well as on various social media sites. Unfortunately for players from the other side of the world, they will not be part of it.

In related Pokemon GO news, Forbes reports that releasing the Legendary creatures in summer is actually a smart move from Niantic (if it does). That is because during this time, most of the kids are out of school (vacation and the alike). So, in a way, it will be a good period for them to go outdoors and capture these special beasts. Obviously, this is something that the studio would love to capitalize or take advantage.

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