‘Overwatch’ Latest PTR Patch Notes: New Assault Map Added; Big Changes For Reaper, McRee And Roadhog

Overwatch is getting another update. The latest PTR patch notes indicate that the game will have a new Assault map. In addition, some big changes are coming to three offense oriented characters. They are Roadhog, McCree, and Reaper.

This Is The First Map Added Since Game Launch

This latest PTR patch notes of Overwatch indicate that players will now be able to explore the first Assault map that is located on the moon. This is the first map added to the game since the game was first launched. The map is called HZL. It is actually smaller compared to Hanumara and Volskaya Industries but there's enough space for gamers to explore and to fight their battles.

What Will Change In Reaper, McCree, and Roadhog?

Windows PC gamers of Overwatch are lucky because they will be the first to enjoy the big changes that Blizzard will make on Reaper, McCree, and Roadhog. The change made on Reaper allows him to transfer 20 percent of the damage done to other heroes as health points. However, Reaper could not use the defeated enemies' health orbs anymore.

The latest PTR patch notes of Overwatch also indicate a change made on McCree. It seems that his "Deadeye" shot now accumulates more damage in the first second. With this update, he can now take down all his enemies simultaneously and faster. This change reduces the time to lock on the enemies thereby facilitating their takedowns.

Roadhog, on the other hand, will have his head hitbox reduced in size. Apparently, Blizzard made this change to improve his ability to survive. According to the latest PTR patch notes of Overwatch, he will lose 33 percent of the damage on his Scrap Gun. However, he will gain another ammo shot and increase his firing speed by 30 percent. Apparently, Blizzard wants Roadhog to have more tools and weapons to play with.

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