'Tekken 7' Console Performance Comparisons

Bandai Namco has officially released Tekken 7 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The beloved fighting game franchise had fans waiting for its console release for over two years and has finally made its debut together on the PC. The game was already featured in a couple of professional fighting game tournaments. Fans of the series already consider the game a must-buy title, but others want to know which platform offers the best competitive performance.

Last month, during the Combo Breaker 2017 Tekken 7 tournament, there has been feedback that the game encountered some lag in high-resolution settings. Bandai Namco has yet to address the alleged issue, but it should be noted that the tournament copy being used was prior to the game's official release. Experts have performed a comparison research to find out which home console platforms should be ideal for tournament setups. These tests were used to compare the game's performance on the PS4 and Xbox One, says Game Rant.

According to their tests, the analysts have apparently determined that Tekken 7 is visually superior on the PS4, especially on the Pro model. It seems that the Xbox One version of the fighting game sequel sports graphics that are noticeably lower in quality compared to Sony's home console. However, it has been noted that the PC version is obviously the triumphant platform in terms of graphics.

Console loading times also reveal the Xbox One version of Tekken 7 loads significantly slower than on the PS4. Upon measuring the load times, players noted that the game loads its matches within 40 seconds on Microsoft's platform. Meanwhile, Sony's console cuts loading times to 21 seconds in between matches. The load time might not matter during tournament settings, but casual players might want to have more matches done during their free time.

Finally, gamers have reported that input lag is noticeably lower on the Xbox One compared to the PS4. A report from Event Hubs confirms that Tekken 7 has around 7.2 frames of input lag on Sony's console, while the Microsoft version has around 6.2 to 6.3 frames. High-level players might want to play their matches with as little input delay possible, which could suggest that the platform of choice during tournament play should be an Xbox One.

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