'Final Fantasy XIV' Will Add New Jobs Per Update

Final Fantasy XIV will continue to get news updates that will expand on the current features of the game. In line with this, players should expect even more new job classes in major content updates. Similarly, there might also be a chance for the game to finally include the Viera race.

The upcoming Stormblood expansion introduces two new jobs, the Red Mage and Samurai, that bumps up the total roster to 15. However, it seems like Square Enix has plans for including more. According to PVP Live, director Naoki Yoshida claimed that he does not think they will ever come to a point where they will stop adding jobs.

"For future expansions, adding jobs is really important," he stated. "We couldn't imagine not having new jobs. It's part of the Final Fantasy series, and everybody loves jobs."

Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV are essential "classes" in typical RPGs. Players have the option to change whatever class they want in the game by swapping clothes associated with the said job. This allows players to freedom to customize their playstyle depending on the situation. While most developers tend to shy away from adding too many jobs to reduce complications, it seems like Yoshida will not follow that concept.

That aside, the director also stated that fans should not give up on seeing the Viera race in the game, as per US Gamer. The said race was a prominent feature in Final Fantasy XII wherein one of the main characters, Fran, was a Viera. They are iconic for their high heels and rabbit ears but they might play out a bit differently in Eorzea.

For now, fans will have to settle with the Bunny Crown item to look like a rabbit in the game. Those who want to play Final Fantasy XIV can get a copy for the PC and PS4. Keep note that this is a subscription-based MMO meaning fans will have to pay a continuous fee to keep playing.

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