Speculated Gold PS4 Now Confirmed By Target Ad

Rumors have floated around that Sony was planning to release a new PS4 color sometime in June. However, it has been officially confirmed as a leaked ad reveals that a gold-colored PS4 coming our way. The new variant is expected to become available through retailers next week. The information was apparently confirmed by an advertisement from Target that was supposedly leaked by accident.

According to the Target ad, it is a 1TB PS4 Slim unit flaunting a matte gold finish and comes with a matching Dualshock 4 controller. It listed price indicates $249.99 USD its projected release date is June 11, 2017. Game Rant points out that the posted price is less than $50 USD compared to the current retail price of the same models in black and white colors. Sony has not formally announced the new model but retail insiders confirm that the new color-scheme exists. It was also mentioned that stocks might arrive as early as Friday, June 9, 2017.

A couple of Reddit users, who claimed to be working for retailers, have also confirmed that the new PS4 model will be available at Walmart along with Target. It appears that the aforementioned is also preparing several gaming discounts and deals together with the gold PS4 Slim 1TB offer. Gamespot reports that AAA games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda will be discounted down to $40 USD each. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K17, and Battlefield 1 will be price to $30 USD each for the week.

Meanwhile, a customer shares that he happened upon the gold PS4 Slim 1TB at a Walmart branch. It seems that "this Walmart put them out early," according to the reddit user Christopher_Maxim. The unit was scanned at the register but it "locked up when I tried to buy one," he adds. The staff noticed their mistake and reportedly took the unit back. Furthermore, Best Buy's website allegedly listed a gold Dualshock 4 controller for $64.99 USD.

It looks like Sony fans have a lot more to anticipate this coming E3 2017 besides the gold PS4 Slim. Rumors claim that the company might have a new portable game system in development that could be announced during their press conference. Gamers will also get more information about some of the upcoming titles that were shown during last year's game expo.

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