iPhone 8 Release Date Revealed

The release date of the most awaited Apple iPhone 8 is still probably several months away. However, as the day comes closer, more details are emerging regarding this critical smartphone. The Cupertino-based company is expected to deliver an excellent feature when the iPhone 8 is released to acknowledge its 10th anniversary. And with this, we can expect that the upcoming mobile device will definitely redefine the entire iPhone concept.

Rumors On iPhone 8 Release Date

The exact release date of the anticipated Apple iPhone 8 is already a bone of controversy, with multiple rumors and stories from different sources providing. In fact, there are different information and news on this matter. The typical release schedule for Apple's flagship device, especially iPhone series, would indicate that the iPhone 8 seems to hit the stores in September. However, according to Value Walk, this has been contradicted by various reports.

A report has even been suggested that the tech giant will delay the iPhone 8 until next year due to shortages of the OLED screen technology supposed to be included in the smartphone. Unfortunately, other reports broke the story a few weeks ago, with Deutsche Bank among other teams also picking up on this data. However, some asserted that the release will happen in a delay of the iPhone 8, with November as the possible month.

In spite of all the rumors, stories, and news, it is still likely that a big technology corporation, such as Apple, will eventually get what it wants. They will manage to source enough OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 8 in order to release the device in September. And this is despite the clear problems and challenges that it currently faces.

Real Story On iPhone 8 Release Date

According to BGR, a Twitter user @venyageskin1 posted saying "Apple's iPhone 8 / 7s Keynote will be held on September 17. Sales September 25." Of course, it is normal to get carried away when someone posts information like that especially when tech blogs share that info with their readers.

Benjamin Geskin, the account owner tweeted his shocking statement on Thursday morning. Looking at a calendar, September 17th falls on a Sunday and 25th on a Monday. Meaning, that is a little unusual compared to other releases Apple made. After few minutes, @venyageskin1 posted again saying "Information is not 100% confirmed yet."


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