Everything We Know So Far About The Mysterious No Man's Sky Audio Tapes

Many thought that No Man's Sky no longer exists, at least that is what other people think. After all, the last activity developer Hello Games did was with patch 1.22. Interestingly, there have been strange packages unveiled from the studio, something that hints at a massive release in the future.

According to the official Reddit page of No Man's Sky, moderators have been receiving odd packages directly from the studio. It contains merchandise related to the game, but the most interesting ones are the audio cassettes. Add to these the hidden message contained on these tapes.

All in all, there are around 16 audio tapes and all have been uploaded to the net for people to examine, as reported by PCGamer. It is worth noting, though, that not all of these tapes have been received, with NeoGAF users continuing the process of summarizing the events so far.

Another issue No Man's Sky players are facing is the fact that nobody uses a cassette player anymore. If there is, the journey to finding one could be a struggle. Hence the aim to unravel whatever mystery lurks within the audio tapes remain to be unfinished. One of the moderators expressed that, in one way or another, Hello Games is trying to tease something new or big for the game. And as soon as these tapes are completed in summarization, the entire community will surely know.

ScreenRant, on the other hand, notes that what the studio did is somehow a nod to the titular Netflix show called 13 Reasons Why. With a No Man's Sky ARG happening as of this writing, this is definitely a taste of what is about to come. Some of the messages read "hope you like what's next" and "dreaming of far-flung worlds," among others.

It is definitely exciting to know what mystery the audio tapes offer to the entire No Man's Sky community. It also proves that Hello Games, despite the ups and downs, has never forgotten the game.

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