'One Punch Man' Season 2 Will Possibly Air In Spring 2018; Anime Picks Up After Saitama And King’s Encounter

It has been a while since fans saw “One Punch Man” and with the manga version seeing huge developments in its story, they are wondering when the second season of the anime series will air. Madhouse has not revealed any details but there are hints floating around that the second installment might come later than anyone thinks.

The anime series adaptation of “One Punch Man” kicked off in October 2015 with 12 episodes and six original video animations (OVA). The anime series became an instant hit and fan favorite after revealing a unique hero in an action-packed but sometimes candid environment. The said anime series was even picked up by Adult Swim for Toonami in July 2016 with episodes dubbed in English.

The first season of the original Japanese version ended in December 2015 and it has been more than a year since fans saw the anime series. People are patiently waiting for the second season while indulging on the manga. However, it seems the wait is over when it was announced by Shueisha that “One Punch Man” Season 2 is finally in the works. The announcement was paired with a promotional drawn photo featuring Saitama and his fans, confirming that the second season is indeed in production.

However, there has been no further details since then. Rumor has it that “One Punch Man” will return for a this November if the production goes smoothly. Voice actors for the said anime series divulged that the production hasn’t even reached post stage yet, hinting that there’s still much to do. Fans then head to speculate that the release date will most likely be in spring or even summer of 2018, taking into consideration the post-production and promotional period.

The anime series followed the manga version of “One Punch Man” and it seems like the former has a lot to cover once it returns. The first 12 episodes covered Chapters 1 to 37 of the manga and fans are excited to see things pick up where they left off. Based on the manga, the anime will cover the aftermath of Saitama and King’s encounter with the Giant Crow and fans will probably see new arcs as well.

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